If you have others questions or concerns that are not addressed below, then please contact us!

How will my child’s teachers communicate with me?

  • Teacher’s send weekly reports home about what the class has done in the past week and what will be happening the following week. This will also contain information about things your child needs to bring to school.
  • Teachers are often available to talk during the school day. It depends on what’s going on in the classroom.
  • Twice a school year an assessment will be sent home and you will have the opportunity to set up a conference with your child’s teachers.
  • You may request a conference at any time during the school year.

Can I spend time in the classroom?

  • Absolutely. Family is welcome any time unless it seems to make separation difficult for your child. We always invite families to share a their interests and talents with the whole class.

How can I find out about school closings?

  • Our school will be closed for inclement weather WHENEVER ROSE TREE MEDIA IS CLOSED. The code is 542.
  • If RTM is opening two hours late, then CCPS opens at 9:30 AM for all programs.
  • If RTM dismisses early due to inclement weather or an emergency, then all of our programs will dismiss between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
  • You can call CCPS at 610-566-7730 for any closing announcements.
  • The information will also be available on the facebook page and our website home page.
  • Closings are also announced on:
    • Radio KYW 1060
    • Rose Tree cable channel 11
    • KYW1060Radio.com
    • The local morning news